Friday, October 20, 2017

Recognize, Adapt, and Overcome

Whenever I feel overwhelmed at all the circumstances which befall us Gary has a saying, "Recognize, Adapt and Overcome". Now when Gary gets overwhelmed at all his circumstances I say the same thing back to him. You might recall a couple of years ago we bought a camper trailer to take a vacation. Then medical bills, dental bills, car repair bills, taxes, insurance, and the like all came up and we never used that trailer. We bought it, Gary fixed what was wrong with it, and then we sold it, never taking even one trip in it. We did what we had to do at the time. Hence the 'recognize, adapt and overcome' motto.

A similar thing happened when we were in Florida. We bought a small aluminum boat and fixed it up, rebuilt the motor, sanded it and painted the boat and trailer, and never once put it in the water. We sold our home in Florida and had to sell the boat before we moved. Are you starting to see a pattern here. Our spirit never dies but we sometimes feel we've been put through the wringer too many times.

We've saved and saved hoping to get another camping trailer for this winter, hoping to take at least one vacation. Gary will soon be 70 and we can't help but think our traveling days may be numbered. Not to mention the fact we haven't taken any vacations in too many years. We took one when we lived in California and went to Baja. When we moved from California to Florida we were sort of on a vacation but moving isn't really a vacation. Then moving here to Georgia wasn't really a vacation either. So how many years is that. Let's see we lived in Springville for 5 years, moved to Florida and lived there for 3 years, and have now lived here for almost 4 years. Time is passing us by.

Recently we found two camper trailers in our meager price range. One in Savannah and one near Charlotte. Gary headed out to look at them. The one in Savannah had soft floors and the roof was really bad even though we asked them and they said it was fine. Gary left Savannah and inadvertently programmed his GPS for Monroe, GA instead of Monroe, NC and ended up five hours away from where he wanted to be the next day, for the one near Charlotte. When we spoke on the phone I had to tell Gary to 'recognize, adapt and overcome'.

When Gary got to Charlotte the guys selling the camper wanted to know if Gary had cash. Gary said no he didn't have cash and had to go to his bank, Thank goodness he was quick thinking. The trailer was stored in a remote location. Then his truck brakes went out and he had to get them repaired in Charlotte. When we bought the truck the dealer said the brakes were new, not. When Gary called me with his frustration about the brake problem, I had to say 'recognize, adapt and overcome' once again.The brake repair shop was really nice and even bought Gary lunch.

While Gary was dealing with all he had to; I was still searching ads for camper trailers hither thither and yon. Then I found one in Waynesville, NC. Gary left Charlotte yesterday afternoon with bumper to bumper traffic and he finally made it to Waynesville and looked at the camper trailer and he bought it. Hallelujah! After all the long hours traveling, truck repair bills, motel bills, and fuel, I hope we have enough money left to take a vacation soon. Please keep your fingers crossed it all works out for us. Photos are of the camper trailer we purchased. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

UPDATE:  I forgot about our vacation to New Hampshire, I guess I blocked it out since Gary's relatives there don't talk to us any longer.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mrs. Pence Champions Art Therapy Initiative

When Mrs Pence found out an art therapist in Puerto Rico couldn't afford clay she sprang into action. She bought clay and had it included in shipments to Puerto Rico. Karen Pence, second lady, has chosen art therapy to champion as her initiative to bring awareness to this topic. Good for Mrs. Pence, this is an excellent choice and worthwhile initiative to focus upon. Working with clay and in the art field has helped me immensely through many of life's trials. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Louver Door Ideas

Yesterday Gary and I went to a discount lumber store to find some louver doors. I got two doors for $10. My idea is to use them to hang my tiles and/or my wood paintings on at the farmer's market.

Today I started looking at Pinterest and saw so many cute ideas using louver doors I decided to share here. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Clockwork Orange

What in the heck are these discs for? They're clock faces. (This first one made me think of A Clockwork Orange. I had forgotten how violent that novel was. Makes me think of several terrible happenings in our current time.) I've stained the leaves a rich orange color. If the orange isn't dark enough I can add more color after the bisque. I plan on these either hanging on a wall or set on a table top plate rack.

Clocks are probably archaic; the world is changing, sometimes at an alarming rate. But what if all the cell towers go down or the electricity is gone? What if someone just wants to look up and see the time? I plan on having a second hand and you never know when a second hand might come in handy. These seem so symmetrical, almost oddly so. What do you think? I have an idea to make a couple more that are asymmetrical. We shall see how these turn out after the bisque and glaze firings. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

UPDATE someone pointed out I have too many hours in the day; I'll go back and fix that, ugh.